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What to expect from therapy

If you think that therapy would be helpful, we would agree on a number of sessions so you know always what to expect. However it is not always clear how many sessions may be required, and this can be changed as therapy progresses. The type and length of therapeutic intervention will be influenced by what your current difficulties are. This would always be fully discussed with you and agreed.  


As part of therapy and depending on what we are working on, you may be asked to read relevant information, practice exercises discussed in therapy, or fill out some simple diaries to help you maintain momentum in between sessions and consolidate your learning. It is found that regular practice in between sessions can help people get better more quickly, and as with anything else, 'practice makes perfect'.

We would have regular reviews together to see if therapy is progressing well and what we can continue to do to make sure you get the most out of attending your sessions.

I can meet you on a weekly or fortnightly basis, whatever suits you best. Each session would last for around 50 minutes and would take place in the same comfortable, safe and confidential setting.   

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