Below are some comments from clients who have attended therapy:

'Therapy was very well explained in layman's terms, with some good analogies used. Particularly important to me was the range of competencies and 'tools' from various therapy styles. I was particularly impressed with the new venue in Bearsden, very calming and professional. Jo has an excellent balance between friendliness and professionalism. I found the therapy effective and in short, life changing! A big thank you!'



'My sessions with Jo were so helpful. I've had therapy in the past but this was by far my best experience. She was insightful, calm and reassuring and the tools she introduced me to were really effective. I've made a lot of progress with Jo's help and I'm hugely grateful'


'Thank you for helping me get back to being me'



'Jo made me feel relaxed and comfortable to talk to her'


'Jo has a calm approach, I felt able to be open and that she had experience of the problems I have encountered'


'I've had anxiety most of my life and now I have learned ways to stop struggling with it. The therapy has been amazing'

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