How do I contact you?

If you think you would like an appointment to see if therapy with a clinical psychologist is for you, you can send me an email message directly to or you can call me on 07492 355028. We can have a brief 10-15 minute discussion about what you think your difficulties are, what you are looking for and to see if you think you would like to go ahead to make an appointment to meet me. 


We will agree on a mutually convenient time and venue that suits you best. There will be no charge for this telephone conversation. 

My address is:

McColl Clinical Psychology Limited

The Wellbeing Rooms

5A Kirk Road

Bearsden, Glasgow, G61 3RG

The Wellbeing Rooms

183A Cumbernauld Road

Stepps, Glasgow, G33 6EZ

Please note that these are not correspondence addresses for postal mail and all confidential clinical correspondence should be via email.